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Traditional Media & PR

BEAUTYBRANDER understands the difficulties brands encounter connecting with consumers in an overcrowded marketplace. We create fresh and compelling campaigns that engage consumers with beauty products, services and companies.  We know how to build buzz and drive consumer demand through traditional media placement, influencer and celebrity outreach, brand partnering, events, as well as new media and guerilla marketing.

New Media & Original Content

With the media landscape quickly changing and expanding to not only new places, but new devices, we understand the importance of reaching consumers where they live.  Today, that means more than just on TV, radio and in print.  It means online, on YouTube, and on-the-go. BEAUTYBRANDER leverages our relationships with bloggers, haulers, and others with reach in the online space.  And because going viral can be game chaning, we create, produce, and promote original content for distribution across the new and social media platforms.

Branding & Consulting

Branding is all about making a mark.  And in our case, a beauty mark!  Creating a distinctive brand identity that speaks to your consumer is paramount. BEAUTYBRANDER can help you create an effective brand strategy, brand identity, and packaging design that will help set you apart from your competitors and resonate with consumers.  Our insight, experience, and great taste enable us to develop, design and market distinctive product brands that inspire consumers to want to experience your product.

Social Media

Social media is an essential part to any product, but this is especially true for beauty products. Social media is an effective way for companies to engage directly with their consumers and create communities, loyal supporters and passionate promotion. BEAUTYBRANDER works with the best social media strategists specializing in social media for beauty and lifestyle brands to build and enhance your brand's online presence.