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BEAUTYBRANDER is a full-service communications and branding agency specializing in creating brand awareness and demand in the beauty industry.  Our unique expertise and years of experience enable us to cut through the vast amounts of noise in the beauty world to get the attention each client deserves.  We position our clients at the highest level of visibility and brand awareness using creative ideas to fuel consumer-driven campaigns. While always remaining focused on our client's goals, we seek out and develop new opportunities enabling them to make their beauty mark.


Staffed by a team of beauty insiders, PR veterans, beauty bloggers and others embedded in the industry, BEAUTYBRANDER is well-connected in the beauty world and possesses the expertise, experience, media contacts, and imagination to create the highest quality and effective marketing campaigns.


As a Public Relations pro, she’s secured prestigious media placements for top beauty brands; as a freelance writer, she’s interviewed major celebrities for top tier magazines; as a blogger, she was the creator of the first online beauty blog; as an event planner, she pulled together parties for major media moguls; and as an on-camera fashion and

beauty expert, she’s appeared on some of TV’s biggest entertainment shows. Now, she’s added pet entrepreneur to the roster, as the designer of the popular product, Dogipack.

Truly, this L.A-based woman brings her connections, 

 commitment and creativity to every project she works on. 

O’Brien began her career starting at the top in 2000, coordinating events and handling corporate gifting with her company "Eventually Fabulous" producing legendary evenings for clients such as Aaron Spelling, Bill Gates, CBS, and the LA Philharmonic. 


In 2005, she was ahead of the curve when she created and launched, which soon became the Number One beauty blog in the world due to her expertise, and had a following of millions of “MegHeads” globally. The site was profiled on MSN, Yahoo, Huffington Post, People and CNN.


Her fun, upbeat personality and deep knowledge of beauty has resulted in numerous on-camera television appearances through the years on E! Entertainment, EXTRA, CBS, ABC, FOX, Good Morning America, Inside Edition, the CW and the TV Guide channel. 

Additionally, she was a Red Carpet and Fashion Week reporter for AOL, as well as a Revlon spokesperson in 2012. 


As a publicist with her own company, her clients appeared in hundreds of national and international publications, including The New York Times Style section, The Los Angeles Times, Vogue, Glamour, Cosmopolitan, Life & Style, The Financial Times, The Wall Street Journal, Family Circle, Forbes, New York Daily News,, In Touch, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle Décor, and Reside, the Sotheby’s magazine. 


Currently, she’s working with many clients branding and marketing where she plans celebrity events, handles press opportunities and sponsorships and coordinates charity outreach. 


O’Brien has interviewed many A-list celebrities and fashion icons as a freelance writer, including Kim Kardashian, Ryan Seacrest, Carrie Underwood, Steven Tyler, Katie Holmes, Diane Von Furstenberg, Rainn Wilson, Keith Urban, and Manny Pacquiao. 


Launched in 2018, she is also the CEO/Founder and creator of the Dogipack, a hands-free, all-in-one accessory belt for dog owners that includes a collapsible bowl, places for a water bottle, treats, mobile phone, I.D., money, etc. A portion of the sales of Dogipack benefits various dog rescue organizations such Wags And Walks and Animal Hope And Wellness. 


She is a dog mom to two rescue terriers, Prudence and Chopper. 

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